Section 243 Metlife Stadium (2024)

1. Section 243 - MetLife Stadium Seat Views - SeatGeek

  • See Your View From Seat at MetLife Stadium and Find the Lowest Price on SeatGeek - Let's Go!

  • See Your View From Seat at MetLife Stadium and Find the Lowest Price on SeatGeek - Let’s Go!

2. Section 243 at MetLife Stadium -

  • These seats are larger than other mezzanine seats and have direct access to the indoor club lounge. The lounge is exclusive to club ticketholders and is a ...

  • Section 243 MetLife Stadium seating views. See the view from Section 243, read reviews and buy tickets.

3. [PDF] east vip entrance - MetLife Stadium

  • 244//243. MetLife. STADIUM. 143 142 140 139 137. COMMISSIONERS CLUB. HERTZ PRESIDENT'S CIRCLE SUITES. 128. 227b. 228a. 327. 129. 228b. 229. 135 134. 131. 133.

4. Seat View from Section 243 at Metlife Stadium | New York Jets

5. MetLife Stadium Seating Sections -

  • MetLife Stadium Find Your Seats ; Section 243, $75 ; Section 244, $69.

  • Compare SeatScores, seat views and ticket prices for seats at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

6. [PDF] printable fan map & guide - MetLife Stadium

  • Dec 7, 2023 · free venue. Reverse ATMs to change cash to a no ... Football Giants, and the promoter(s) of the event. ... Sections: 123, 144, 206, 209, 243,. 309, ...

7. Section 243 - Hard Rock Stadium Seat Views - SeatGeek

  • See Your View From Seat at Hard Rock Stadium and Find the Lowest Price on SeatGeek - Let's Go!

  • See Your View From Seat at Hard Rock Stadium and Find the Lowest Price on SeatGeek - Let’s Go!

8. Giants Tickets | New York Giants -

  • New York Giants Tickets: The official source to buy Giants tickets, Giants PSL, Giants Suites, Giants Club Seats, MetLife Stadium Tickets.

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9. MetLife Stadium Seating Chart + Section, Row & Seat Number Info

  • Sep 3, 2019 · ... sections 204, 205a, 206a, 207a, 207c, 208, 209, 218, 219, 220c, 220a, 221a, 222a, 230a, 231a, 232a, 232c, 233, 234, 243, 244, 245c, 245a ...

  • Metlife Stadium Seating Chart, Row, Seat number and Club info + Where to find cheap tickets for the New York Giants & Jets, Soccer matches, and Concerts

10. Seat View from Section 243 at Metlife Stadium | New York Giants

  • Read seating reviews and see the view from section 243 at Metlife Stadium, home of the New York Giants.

11. Seating view photos from seats at MetLife Stadium, section 229, row 2 ...

  • Section 233. Section 234. Section 235. Section 236. Section 237. Section 239. Section 240. Section 241. Section 242. Section 243. Section 244. Section 248.

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12. Globe Life Field Seating Map | Texas Rangers -

  • See the Globe Life Field seating chart, including seating sections with some amount of netting or screening in front.

13. HBCU NY Classic: Morehouse vs. Howard Tickets - Section 243 Row 1

  • Howard. Saturday, September 14, 2024 3:00 PM MetLife Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ. Displaying Single Ticket: Section: 243 Row: 1 Quantity: 8 Notes: Tickets ...

  • Howard Morehouse Maroon Ticket Prices East Rutherford - Cheap HBCU NY Classic: Morehouse vs. Howard Tickets on sale for Saturday September 14 2024 (09/14/24) at 3:00 PM at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ at!

14. [PDF] MetLife Stadium Seating Map_Soccer (5-13-24)

  • May 13, 2024 · Wheelchair Accessible Seating. ALL LOCATIONS. MetLife 50 Club. 205b ... 243. 234. 210. 217. 242. 235. 211. 216. 241. 236. 212. 215. 240. 237. 213.

Section 243 Metlife Stadium (2024)


What sections are suites at MetLife Stadium? ›

Located on Level 3, these MetLife Stadium suites feature indoor/outdoor seating and will are climate-controlled for your comfort.

What sections of MetLife Stadium are club seats? ›

There are five tiers of seating at MetLife: the lower bowl (sections 101 to 149), suite level 3, club seating (201 to 250b), suite level 5, suite level 6 and the upper bowl (301 to 350).

What does "infill seats" mean? ›

In fill seats... they have a block of seats (say 8) and dont want to break up the block to sell 1 or 2 so they give you the seat number once everything is sold... This is the explanation from MetLife forum.

What is the best section to sit in at MetLife Stadium? ›

The Best Seats at MetLife Stadium

First, in my opinion, whether you sit on the Giants side (sections 109 to 117) or the visitor side (sections 134 to 143) some of the best seats are in sections 135, 136, 137, 112, 113, and 114. Putting aside the coolness factor, the best seat would be between rows 10 and 20.

How much is a suite ticket at MetLife Stadium? ›

How much do suites at MetLife Stadium cost?
Low RangeLocationHigh Range
$15,000Level 3 Suites President's Circle Suites$22,000
$15,000Level 5 Suites Five Star Suites$30,000
$15,000Level 6 Suites Gold Plus Rewards Suites$35,000
$20,000Commissioner's Club Suites$40,000

How do stadium suites work? ›

Most luxury suites are leased by contract on a yearly basis, though some are bought in a manner similar to that for a condominium. These methods usually grant access to the box by the leaseholder or owner for every event held at the venue. A few venues rent them on a per-event basis.

Do club seats at MetLife Stadium include food? ›

These mid-field seats include access to the MetLife 50 Club featuring all-inclusive upscale food and non-alcoholic beverages and access to the private field-level patio directly behind the opposing team's bench.

What's the difference between club seats and regular seats? ›

Best Seats, Best View

The Club Level features wider stadium seats, with more incline in the seating rows, providing spectacular views of the full field from any angle.

How do you get into MetLife 50 Club? ›

Reservations can be made online through and search for MetLife 50 Club or by calling the reservation line 201-559-1621. Once you book online, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. The MetLife 50 Club opens 2 hours prior to kickoff.

Can you bring blankets into MetLife Stadium? ›

Guests are welcome to carry-in the following items:

Factory-sealed, plastic bottles of water or soft drinks that are 20 oz. or less in size. Still-photography cameras with a lens that is 6" or less in length. Jackets or blankets after being patted down or searched.

Is MetLife Stadium cashless? ›

MetLife Stadium operates cash-free. Only contactless payment options will be accepted within the Stadium. Parking / Drop-Off – IF DRIVING, ARRIVE EARLY (AND TAILGATE!)

Which sections in MetLife are covered? ›

MetLife Stadium is an open stadium but there is cover from row 36 - 45 in sections 121-131, 101-106 and 146-149.

What are the sunny sections at MetLife Stadium? ›

If you're seeking the sun, most sections on the east (home) side of the stadium will keep you warm. Sections 108-118 and 208-219 are particularly sun soak. Seats behind the north end zone will also stay sunny later into the afternoon.

Are seat cushions allowed at MetLife Stadium? ›

Carry-In Policy: Prohibited Items

Seat cushions of any size except those for medical needs. Glass bottles, coolers of any kind, thermoses or ice chests. Alcohol of any kind. Banners and signs of any size (unless otherwise noted on individual event page)

Where is the best place to park MetLife Stadium? ›

Lautenberg Station at Secaucus Junction. The station is located off Exit 15X on the eastern extension of the NJ Turnpike (675 New Country Road, Secaucus NJ). Ticket holders can park in this 1,100-space parking lot and take the Meadowlands rail service to MetLife Sports Complex. The parking lot is open 24 hours/day.

How many people fit in a suite at MetLife Stadium? ›

Located on four separate levels, the David Rockwell-designed suites range in size from 12-30 guests and combine the convenience of personalized service with premium amenities such as: VIP parking. Private Suite holder entrance and lobby. Private suite level washrooms.

How much is a suite at the Jets game? ›

$15,000 -$40,000. The price of New York Jets suites varies based on matchup and location in the stadium. Private suites are available for all home games with pricing starting at $15,000 and may cost as much as $40,000.

What is WWE suites? ›

Private WWE Suites will seat between 12-25 guests and provide excellent sightlines of the stage and a private space to enjoy the event.

How many people can fit in an NFL suite? ›

Available Suite Options

There are numerous suite options at SoFi Stadium to accommodate your needs. From the intimate Perch Suites that seat 8 to the lounge-style Stage Suites that can host up to 50.


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